What is virtual data room software?

A virtual data room, often known as a VDR (in the short form), is an online location where people can share and save documents. Although it may be true that there is something new in relation to cloud file sharing, the term “data room” is considerably older than the buzz surrounding cloud computing.

Who Uses VDRs and Why?

So what do you do with a virtual dat rooms? VDRs are frequently used by many people and businesses engaged in eDiscovery, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), and VC (the full form is a venture capital) to consolidate all of their data and files for examination, archiving, and legal purposes in one location. This is also referred to as the “deal room” by some people. In addition, board members of large corporations frequently use virtual computer rooms to communicate in a safe setting.

Due to the fact that the parties are from various firms, this typically does not occur on the same network. Since a VDR is not publicly accessible and doesn’t operate just within your own organization like an intranet would, you could say that it is a type of extranet. VDRs are used more for management and compliance than for a more enjoyable collaborative user experience.

VDR vs. Dropbox and Others

Ok, got it, but why aren’t we using all the popular cloud file sharing providers? Have you ever received an email that contains a sentence like “I uploaded the contract to our shared Dropbox drive”? We hope not. A strong differentiator here is InfoSec and general digital security, encryption and protection with a full audit trail. Of course, the actual features vary depending on which VDR provider you choose and what kind of plan you pay for.

Who Are the Best VDRs Vendors?

We would like to give you a clear company until now, but often there is not a single right software solution for everyone. Depending on your budget, functional requirements, due diligence requirements, business requirements, legal requirements and all of your partner’s requirements, you need to carefully research and compare the VDR solution and digital deal room providers out there.

These are a nice place to start when comparing and reviewing; there are certainly other good ones as well. It is also important to note that you should seek for “local” suppliers or at the very least pick a company operating globally that is aware of the legal needs and legislation of all the parties to the agreement.

Share Your Experiences

We hope you found this quick summary useful and learned some important facts. If you already have experience working with VDRs and other types of deal rooms, be sure to share your experiences below in the comments. We wish you all the best for your project and work.